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Though you may be able to obtain some useful general information about pricing, due to the way this online inventory system works, anything we have less than 8 copies of will be listed on this buylist, making it unreliable at best.


HOWEVER, sometimes we do share specific buylists for Standard or Modern, when we are low on goodies, and if any of those are active, they will be listed right here on this page!





^^^ This one is current as of 4/30/18 and will be taken down once invalid.


General info about trading in cards: We quote in Store Credit by default, with cash offers being 20% less; no quotes before seeing cards in person, so we can determine condition etc. Prices vary wildly from card-to-card--we aren't interested in bulk, but anything else will get you anywhere from 50%-70% in value, depending on the card and how much we need it.